I was stuck in my spiritual development and I could not understand why until I learnt about the Re-parenting Program of Trinity Community Centre Singapore, when I was attending one of the modules of School of the Holy Spirit.

From the Program, I learnt the past is not the past.  You cannot eliminate history.  It is buried in our memories which will trigger a reaction when provoked.  Father Me Re-Parenting Healing Program therefore is a program to heal our past and release us to our future destiny in Christ.

To my amazement, growing up as an adopted child would lead to rejection, one of the roots of life in the womb which is carried to adulthood.  Rejection is the most hurting wound one probably could relate to and the consequence is poor self -image being one of the strongholds. God intended all to be loved and accepted from the time that we were conceived. If the seed of love is not sown in the child’s soul, the seed of rejection will take place. The rejection made me so fearful to love and to trust people so I spent my whole life being a man pleaser,  desperately earning people’s approval which led me to performance oriented-ness.  This is contrary to God’s word in  Galatians 1:10 which directs me to fear God and not men or I cannot be a bond servant of Christ.

It was through Father Me Re-parenting Healing session with Rev Alicia that I had to change the image of my childhood to that of freedom by the Holy Spirit in Galatians 5:1 “It was for freedom that Christ has set me free and I should not again be subject to yoke of bondage.”

During the healing sessions,  I could feel the awesome presence of God and His unconditional  love. It marvelled me how Rev Alicia could see so many visions of my past. I was able to draw closer to God after many healing sessions with Rev Alicia. Since then I have been set free from doubts, confusion, fear and deception which kept me bound for so long. Glory to God!

Out of my brokenness birthed forth the most rewarding ministry in my life. You cannot lead where you have not been, it takes a pit dweller to understand another pit dweller.

God uses broken people. He shines best through broken vessels. Pain comes with His permission. There is a purpose behind every pain. It comes with a choice, a choice in attitude, a choice in direction, a choice of victory or defeat, a choice of becoming better or bitter. God wants us to rise beyond our pain. He is able to turn every pain into gain for His glory.

Salvation is not only about eternal life but covers health, healing, wholesomeness, deliverance, well being, safety and abundance. (Jeremiah 30:17). Come and experience the fullness of God’s grace and unconditional love through Father Me  Re-parenting healing Program which is part of our Life Development Program. God wants to heal your past and release you to your future.

Since my healing, I have found much joy in serving the Lord under the guidance and teachings of Rev Alicia.  Philippians 4:13 says “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Yes He gives strength for every area of our lives, a strength beyond our comprehension.  He has  created  in us an ability to achieve success.  It is all in the mind.  The gift, talent and passion are needed to carry out our mission on earth as in Psalm 139:13-16.

We live in a fallen, cold dark world where many are hungry for a touch of love, word of kindness or an act of compassion. It only takes a spark to get the fire glowing.  Will you be a vessel of love for God to unleash His anointing to touch the lives of broken souls?

Sis Irene Tan (Father Me Healing Ministry)

PS: Irene Tan is the leader of the Father Me Re-Parenting Program of Trinity Community Centre, Singapore. For more information, please visit our church website at www.TccOrg.com.sg