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Aspiration For Today: 

If your life is ruled by ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ it is highly likely you come under the control of perfectionism. It is good to do a job well but if you throw yourself 100 percent in everything you do, whether it is important or not, you are prone to be so stressed as nothing you do will satisfy you. You grow up focusing on gaining attention by being approval oriented.

It is time to reconnect our spirit with the joy of living rather than focusing on accomplishments. Whatever accomplishments will not satisfy you if you are exercising perfectionism in every aspect of your life. You end up stressful and frustrated most of the time practicing perfectionism. Don’t allow failure of your past take root to hamper your progress. Perfectionism is due to your parents expecting perfection from you during your growing up years. So uproot it for this is not planted by your heavenly Father who loves you beyond comprehension. Matthew 15.13.

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