2 Corinthians 4:16

“For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.”

As a believer, ministering to Cancer patients for more than a decade with miraculous healing, we know that man does not value spiritual life.  They keep seeing life in the natural and therefore are unable to see life in God’s perspective.  It is natural for us to believe that as our body ages with time, our body breaks down and cause diseases in our inner parts which are enclosed by our skin.  People do not realize that diseases does not come unless an emotion triggers.  It is a known fact that traumas occurring two years before will trigger an occurrence of a tumour whether benign or cancerous.

All our bodies have cancer cells but will not develop into a tumour without a trauma.  Hence it is always desirable to keep our mind in obedience to the Word of Christ, let it sanctify our heart so that we will continuously be able to confess that our immune system is stronger day by day.  No tumours can live in our body.  Cancer is not our portion.  We have power to resist the enemy who carries the “torch of Cancer”.  We have the authority to convert Cancer into divine health.  All authority in heaven and earth has been given to Jesus and now is imparted to us.  (Matthew 28:20, Matthew 10:1)

Many have overlooked the fact that our inward spiritual life which is the soul (the mind, will and emotions) is the command centre of our life and the most important in life but the devil (our past childhood wounds that keep pounding at our mind) as what is reflected in the mind manifests in the body.

Cancer cannot invade the soul and destroys your inner life in any way.  Your soul is not able to contain Cancer.  This “command hub” enables us to experience inward strength and growth as we meditate on God’s word.  Joshua did not see Jericho’s walls fall until he had encounter with God and had the assurance that no one could stand before him all the days of his life (Joshua 1:5) and that He will not leave him nor forsake him and as He was with Moses He will be with him.  Added to this God encouraged him to be courageous and strong and  to meditate on His Word day and night (Joshua 1:8-9) so that he will prosper in victory.  He is the same yesterday today and forever for His word will never fail to accomplish what it was sent for in Isaiah 55:11.

Therefore, as soon as you are diagnosed with Cancer, my challenge to you is to walk with Him and experience Him in an intimate way like a daughter or a son speaking to her or his father.  Tune your spirit to the Living God, walk with Him and acquire inner strength, wisdom and understanding to win the battle that is inside of you (your mind).

Cancer cannot invade your inward fellowship with God or your spiritual communion with the Lord. What matters in life is the inward life not what happens to us.  We can conquer by enforcing the Cross of Victory.  It is for our good that Jesus went back to His father to intercede for our soul and send His Holy Spirit to work with us on our total healing that brings wholeness to our spirit, soul and body.

Beloved, Cancer cannot invade your inner life.  Where your treasure is there your heart is.  (Matthew 6:21).  Cancer is definitely not your treasure.  It is the stale meat in the refrigerator of your soul which have fresh spiritual food.  Fresh foods cannot mix with stale meat.  God wants us to have a new beginning each day and enjoy a continuous feast of joy, peace and fellowship in righteousness.  Valleys and wilderness of life should not be our portion Ps 23:4-5, 78:19).  God desires to work on your inner man where your true spiritual life exists and where we must grow.  In the natural we grow up to the time we get married.  But it is not so for spiritual life.  When we are born again we keep growing in Christ until eternity.  2 Pe 3:18 “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.  To Him be the glory both now and forever Amen. “

This is where the Holy Spirit changes our lives from glory to glory.  (2 Cor 3:18).  What is happening on the inside of your heart is more important than what Cancer can do on the inside of your body as stated in my opening verse in 2 Cor 4:16.  Physically, we might grow weaker but we do not acknowledge it.  Instead we say that we are experiencing inward renewal and growth of our relationship.  He restores my soul (Ps 23:3).  Let us experience a new day of renewal each day so that we will not fade away like a flower but instead experience the inward renewing of our soul.  Our inward spiritual life can experience this inward renewal of our soul even though we are in a desert (a physical place – a natural life).  Why is it so?  Because of the Lord’s inner work of grace in our spirit.

Precious thoughts:

The days passed swiftly, the trials are still here.

But each day I trust my Father’s words and keep trusting

And believing till it becomes a revelation to me.

I have no reason to worry.

I have no reason to know why.

All I do is not to worry but to cast my cares upon Him.

For I know that within my greatest pain will emerge my greatest joy.

From there I will find rest.  Trials are part of pain and pleasure of life.


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