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Job 5:17

17 Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty:

Time and chance happens to everyone living on earth. Ecc 9:11. No matter what your skill or intellect maybe, you can never stop what God chooses to do. Look at Job his possessions and children were lost within a day. He is blameless and upright yet he has no control of his possessions. He lost even his own health so unbearable that he cursed the day of his birth. Job 3:3.

Our life and success is in His hands. Indeed there is nothing permanent in this world. In all my journey with Jesus, i can conclude calamities may come. Times may be difficult of which we don’t understand. But one thing i know He will not forsake us nor forget us. Isa 49:15. God is good and will come to our rescue.

There are times He wants to reveal more of Him to us and to do that He needed to have our attention. Hence it is not good works that brings forth our salvation but it is our faith that matters. Will we come forth as pure gold after the test?

Do we have faith like Job declaring that God bruises but He heals. Job 5:18. Verse 20 he said in famine He shall redeem us from death. Verse 19 he declared God as a deliverer and no evil can touch us.

How powerful is our confessions! Job was finally healed and blessed much more than what he lost. In fact what he possessed was double what he lost and lived to the fullness of age. Job 42 A woman was told by the doctor that his son will never get up again as his condition is critical and not to touch him. She longed to hold him in her arms so she just touched the brow and her son uttered if it was his mother who has come as his eyes then were not opened. What caused the miracle? The love of a mother to her son. How much more will our Father deliver us from all troubles in His time because of His amazing wondrous love that is beyond our understanding. Eph 3.18-19.

So commit your cause to God who does great things that are unsearchable and marvelous things that cannot be counted. Job 5:9.

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