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John 10:10 

10 The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

Today’s Inspiration: Jesus promised us abundant life and at the same time warn us about the devil’s schemes in John 10.10. Reading and meditating Esther you will see realities of life filled with challenges at every door of opportunity. It describes how God has a destiny for everyone and the path of destiny will unfold once your priorities are right.

Living in the palace can be lonely each day not knowing what the day will bring. It is a book showing that integrity, passion and God’s agenda are important truths to observe in life as these will eventually win the battle if you consistently seek God and pray not only for yourself and your family but for your countryman. She believed God and not her beauty has placed her on the throne. Esther 4:14.

She recognised the reality of the spiritual realm and the Holy spirit’s resources in verse 16. It was her beauty, grace on her life and character that shone bright and unwavering passion against the darkness threatening the Jewish people that raised her to rulership and prosperity. Through Mordecai, Esther realised that her life had a far greater purpose than merely maintaining her own immediate comfort and status quo. Mordecai’s words in Esther 4:13 pierced her heart and at great risk she committed herself to follow His advice.

Esther’s heart soon transformed from self-interest to the plans and purposes of God. Ultimately not only the king accepted her but offered her co-rulership with him giving her half the kingdom. Esther 5:3 and later awarded the signet ring symbolizing a new authority in her life.

Her courage and plans came out of prayer and fasting between her and her people, which brought a great deliverance in the life of God’s people.

To be effective, we need to turn from our own short- sighted agenda to God’s eternal purpose.

What is God speaking today? When great adversity is confronted with courageous intercession, est 4.16 the Lord will confound the enemy, redeem every trial, and deliver His people from bondage. Romans 8:28 Behind every trial is God’s eternal purpose. This is why God always encourages us not to despair but to seek Him to reveal His eternal purpose for you so that you can work towards it? Are you working to fulfill eternal destiny or do you work towards your self interests of fame, recognition and success. God’s ways are better than yours.

May you reflect your position today with the Lord against this message! Are you pursuing eternal purpose or personal agenda? Where there is unity there is blessing. Transformation brings victory.

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