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Psalm 105:42 

42 For He remembered His holy promise, and Abraham His servant.

Today’s Inspiration: Though we forget, God will never forget. He always remembered His holy promises. God does great things. Nothing is impossible for Him. Psalm 105.42. He is waiting for you to rely on Him.

Killing pain is a big business in the world. So is supplements yet people still lose battle to critical illness. The best medicine is God’s word and assurance without side effects. He is our sure foundation. We as believers must make God’s word of healing a big business by sharing continuously God’s word to relieve the pain of people. God creates us therefore any organ that is defective only He can repair and relieve your passion. Genesis 1:26-27.

Pain is inevitable in this world because of fallen nature of men. Only Christ can redeem the suffering.

It all depends on our choices in life. Some choose to suffer alone and refused to face the pain of the past to be set free. There is a saying No pain no gain. We need to know that God is using these excruciating experiences to refine the church. If we bear up under the pressure of discipline, we shall gain a harvest of righteousness and peace. Hebrews 12:11.

The path to spiritual growth is key but we are arrested in spiritual development because of lack of nurturing in childhood. We need Jesus to redeem and we take responsibility to walk by faith to maintain the healing. Even faith is required in healing. Your faith heals you in Matthew 9:22.

Healing takes place with first repentance from sins, renouncement of paganistic activities and forgiveness then a faith journey. It’s all depends on choices we make.

David believes in the Lord’s touch. So he cried out and was healed. Psalm 30:2. When he was in refuge from Saul’s attempts to pursue and kill him, by faith he gathers all the rejected, hopeless and discontented ones and train them for warfare and emerge in victory through his steadfastness of God’s word. His army grew because he once was leading the army and many people joined him. 1 Chronicles 12. It’s who you know that matters in building His kingdom and not what you know. Head knowledge cannot be compared to revelation knowledge.

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