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Psalm 119:130

130 The entrance of Your words gives light;It gives understanding to the simple. 

When you read the Bible, do you allow the entrance of His words into your heart to illuminate it so that dark thoughts cannot enter? Even His words can give understanding to the simple because the Lord is greater than your heart and wants to open that closed heart of yours. Psalm 119:130.

When that word enters your heart, you will know that the God you serve is so awesome and glorious. It’s like Jacob at Bethel where God spoke to him in a dream that opens up his heart to new avenues of His grace that he utters ‘Surely the Lord is in this place and I don’t know it. Genesis 28:16. Those words God spoke in the dreams were sweeter than honey to his mouth as described by David in verse 103. That understanding were more than he was taught by his mom.

God’s word is indeed very pure so pure that we need to appreciate it every time we read. May God give you better understanding of your future through His word and may it give you so much confidence that you are able to accomplish whatever tasks you may have with signs and wonders.

I pray this day you have miraculous encounters at your workplace this week that no amount of iniquity could invade your heart nor have dominion over you. Expect good results always in all your endeavours. Let God direct your steps by His word. Verse 123.

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