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Palsm 5:3 

3 My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.

It is good to direct our meditation to the Lord each morning and allow Him to nourish our soul daily through His Word the powerful double edged sword that permeates our whole being towards edification, exhortation and comfort. Look upwards and not circumstances.

How true God’s word is! Let not mercy and truth forsake you (Psa 3:3).

When you are at a dead end and there is no u-turn we need more of God’s mercy than ever before. Without God’s mercy the people perish. Without His grace we will not be able to weather the unpredictable storms that is before us.

Though 2018 is a year of restoration, it is also a year of intense prayer against the viles of the enemy. We need to resist the enemy. To do that we need to submit to God and His counsel (Jam 4:7). God disciplines us for our good though we may not love it. He disciplines you because He loves you and have chosen you and wants you to draw near. God knows what He is doing. Whatever happens is all in His plan.

It’s a year of upgrading your ministry skills. It’s a year of acceleration. What precedes mercy and truth is obedience to His commands. With that, length of days and long life will be added to you (Pro 3:2).

Trusting the Lord without looking at circumstances is the way of life. This word needs to be so impregnated in our hearts that will attract favour of God and once you are in God’s favour, you definitely will find favour with men who will highly esteem you. Daniel brought truth to kings of His time and occupied top position irrespective of which nations were in power.

Prayer brings unity of hearts. Unity is possible only with partnership with the Holy spirit who empowers your spirit towards excellence. Fear will leave you once there is excellent spirit within you. Excellent spirit attracts success. Have a blessed week!

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