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Proverbs 27:21

21 The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, and a man is valued by what others say of him.

Today’s Inspiration: 2020 is a year of great harvest for us to profess to possess but there is a call to intense intercession like He did to Nehemiah which gives him the strategy to work with the Holy still prayerfully. Nehemiah 4:15-20. It is also a defining moment to change as the Potter’s wheel keep churning to silver and furnace for gold. It’s a year of purity, family values and character. A man is valued by what others say of him. Proverbs 27:21.

It is important to nurture our flock and transform their spiritual condition to one of likeness of Jesus. V23. Time is the essence. Having the right timing is important. We should watch and pray to see that we don’t miss the timing of the Lord that we might possess the harvest on time.

When you fear the Lord, you honor and obey God’s word destined to bless you but it is tied to obedience. Job feared God and did not justify the trials he went through. He never speak disrespectfully against God. Job 1:22. Disobedience will lead to your downfall. The highest honor is to hear His word and act.

Jesus says in Luke 8:21 blood relations don’t take priority. But those who listen and do His will takes prominence.Those who fear God leads a holy life and cleanse himself from uncleanness. We must return to God clean with garments of white. 2 Corinthians 7:1. One person who truly fear God is Abraham to the extent of sacrificing his promised heir as an act of obedience. Genesis 22:12 the angel qualifies him as one who fear God.

Throughout the Bible we are told to fear God. Those who fear God will always go to the secret place of the most high God to listen to Him and will have hunger for who He is. In judgement day, we will be asked if we have learnt to love. What will be your answer?

Always go to the secret place of the most high God to write His Revelations. Year 2020 is year of Divine Justice, major favors, and of resting in God for effectiveness. In your rest with Him, the enemy cannot touch you with his warfare tactics. In our rest in Him we must be prepared to do things we don’t normally do and act in ways we don’t normally act. We will yield to the spirit’s correction and direction and His sovereignty. 2020 is a year where promises will be fulfilled. God be praised!

It is the year of prophetic unction on all ministers. We pray that you and your children’s eyes and ears be opened to the spirit and your mind be renewed. The timeless truth is to call forth what you desire. Romans 4:17.

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