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Psalm 150:6

6  “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”

Today’s Inspiration: Let everything that had breath praise the Lord. Psalm 150:8. God has given us double edged sword of the spirit to execute vengeance on the enemy yet day by day we hear God’s children being helpless. As God’s children, we should be able to be more alert than the enemy. With God on our side, we should know ahead of time God’s next move so that we can be more prepared with the strategy for victory whilst keeping the enemy at bay at the same time. God has given us two major keys to bind and loose. Matthew 16:19, Psalm 149:8-9 and to execute on them the judgement- this honour God had given to all His precious saints. Verse 9. What a privilege to be the children of God!

Nehemiah was not moved by Tobiah and Sanballat’s threats. He stood steadfast and focused on the mission he was sent for. His focus is to complete the project within the scheduled time. No amount of threats are going to hinder His work. When we have no fear of men and their threats, God backed us up by sending His angels to fight the battle. We just need to stand still. Exodus 14:14. This is what Nehemiah did with his men.

The fear of men is the greatest snares in our life. God made it clear in Galatians 1:10. If you fear men you cannot be bond servant of God. We need to know the battle plans in advance.

The spirit of the fear of man paralyses your potential and robs you of your confidence, boldness and courage. Men pleasers cannot be the oracles of God. You have to rule your ministry with authority and be opened to the move of the Holy spirit. Remember you are God’s servant to the people. You must speak what the Holy spirit nudges you to speak or you will be accountable one day on the Day of judgement. You must arise and tell the people what God commanded you to do. Jeremiah 1:17.

What the Lord thinks of you surpassed people’s perception of you. Don’t go to places God did not appoint you to go. Do according to the grace given to you. Romans 12:3 each is given a measure of faith. Always be in the will of God and fulfill God’s purpose.

Fear of man and having to be approval oriented go hand in hand and is the greatest landmine that always explode to your face without knowledge. Be alert and avoid the landmine of suddenlies which might cause paralysis or death. Many have failed to watch and pray and be discerning and today suffered heavy casualties.

In this age of time, you need to work out your battleplans. This is why Jesus keep alerting us to watch and pray so that we will be preserved from all evil and satan will not sift us and we will not enter into temptation. Matthew 26:41. Jesus says to watch out for betrayers who appears good on the outside but evil on the inside. The hearts of men only God can fathom and God said it is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9. He the Lord search the heart and test the mind even to give every man according to His ways according to the fruit of his doings. Verse 10. So watch and pray so that God can alert you on the hearts of men and who you can trust.

Watch and pray to avoid the landmine of suddenlies.

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