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John 17:4

14   I have glorified You on the earth. I have finished the work which You have given Me to do.

Today’s Inspiration: Living a resurrected life is to do what Jesus does. Foremost in Jesus mind was to obey His will to complete the mission He was assigned to so that his Father’s name could be glorified. John 17:4. Jesus was given the authority to grant eternal life over all people that were given to him. V2. If Jesus is given this authority, then we should not doubt that He could do the impossible for us. It is this doubt of the people God sent to help us that hinders our deliverance.

When you doubt the deliverer, you are doubting God for God knows what He is doing and who can truly help you. The root lies in your attitude towards those whom God sent. If you demean his power, then deliverance will not take place no matter how long or how many times the person prays for you. It is only those with childlike faith coming to God with great expectations that prayers be answered. Your faith in God depends on your degree of humility.

The Israelites keep going round the mountain because of unbelief even though they have seen amazing miracles performed through Moses.

We have all the prophetic words in the Bible to apply to our life. His words mentioned we must abide in Him. His words must also be bound to our hearts. If these two commandments are fulfilled, whatever we ask will be given to us. John 15:7.

It depends on your approach towards the word. If you meditate and believe what it says, you can have your request granted. He told it to the Cananite woman. Matthew 15:28. Even one word from the heart of God can do wonders.

If your prayers are not answered, it’s time to be still and seek God on your attitude. Some prayers are not answered because of attitude of pride and idolatry. Are you focusing on Jesus at the time of battle or on the problems? When you focus on Jesus, all encumbrances will disintegrate from your wall of protection. Stay tuned. Jesus had more authority than the authority of man. Get back to the closet and seek Him. To receive what you ask for, you must believe. Mark 11:24. Forgiveness is the key. V25. Stop reasoning in your mind and let God have the glory!

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