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Psalm 121:7-8

The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul.

8 The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore.

Today’s Inspiration: God’s promises are yes and amen. He will keep you from all harm and will watch over your life, your coming in and going out forevermore. Psalm 121:7. Whatever you fear is not a reality. Fear God who is the author of your life and salvation. What God wounds, He also binds up. He injures but His hands also heals. From six calamities He rescue you, in seven no harm will come to you. Job 5:18-19. Whatever you are going through, it is in His sovereignty to deliver. May the Lord your God extends mercy to you.

Many a time like Job we tend to feel our anguish and agony from our calamities far outweighs even the sand of the sea. Job 6:2-3. Yet when we compare with the weight Jesus carry our sins to the cross, our crisis is only a tip of the iceberg. God has a reason for everything. It’s only in crisis that He can catch our attention.

Last night I share about the spiritual refining altar of our hearts that is being used by God to refine and to transform us. We are to keep our fire burning throughout the day so that we can spread the fire of Transformation to other souls. Our fire must keep on burning like Jesus when he was with two apostles on the road to Emmaus where they found whatever words uttered by Jesus have caused their hearts to burn. Luke 24:32.

Psalm 141:3 David asked the Lord to guard the door of his lips so that whatever words he uttered will be words of edification with fire that spreads to the hearts of others who similarly will catch the fire. When the fire in our hearts burn our heart, our mind and soul are transformed. If everyone around us are consumed by God the consuming fire, how immense is the fire when we gather in fellowship! When God consume your hearts with His words, you will revere God. When the Israelites saw that God consumed the burnt offerings and the fat of the sacrifices they began to bow down in reverence. Leviticus 9:24.

May you be at the refining altar everyday to consume His timely words to change your perspective and attitude and may God’s consuming fire remain in your hearts always. This is how you maintain the fire that you have caught corporately.

My concern like John Wesley is that your fire will not die out but will be carriers of the Fire that attract His shekinah glory to your hearts daily. When His glorious presence is with you at the refining altar and wherever you go, you will have whatever you desire. Matthew 15:28.

Keep your fire burning!

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