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Daniel 2:22

22  He reveals deep and secret things; He knows what is in the darkness, and light dwells with Him.

Today’s Inspiration: What awesome messages we have on the Day of Pentecost! Such an anointing! We can never hide from God. He reveals deep and hidden things in our heart and know what lies in darkness. Daniel 2:22. He reveals to us ahead of time just as he warned king Nebuchadnezzar of what is to come through the interpretation of dreams by Daniel. For everything God does He has a plan. Things we go through were to curb our pride and form our character. When king Nebuchadnezzar boasted about the great Babylon he has built God ordered that his sovereignty be curbed and ordered insanity causing him to be removed from the palace. Daniel 4:29-33.

Only when he acknowledged God having eternal dominion over all generations, was his sanity restored and sovereignty reinstated. V34. All the people of the earth were regarded as nothing. It is in His sovereignty to do as He pleases with the powers of heaven and all the people of the earth in V35. How awesome and great is His power! Hence the Kingdom of God is not only of talk but of power. 1 Corinthians 4:20.

The Bible was written as lessons of life for us to trust an awesome God who knows all our needs, to fear Him and to believe in His power. We can never boast of what we do but of the honour and glory of God who does supernatural miracles through us. He chooses those who know His heart. May the Feast of the Lord be upon you.

He exalts the humble and resists the proud. James 4:6. The Bible records that all boasting is evil. V16. If we know that we should do good and do not do good, it is a sin. James 4:17. To be prideful and boosting are the deceptions of the enemy and we ought to resist the devil so that he will flee from us. We cannot say we serve God and yet give in to the devil’s enticement for temporal relief. We cannot be double minded. Humility is a precondition to promotion. V10.

How gracious is our God to give us a land filled with milk and honey where abundance is assured in all that we do and we will prosper greatly. For the Lord your God is a God of justice. Blessed are those who wait on Him. Isaiah 30:18. God is gracious to answer all our prayers.

May you meditate on Deuteronomy 6-8 this season and reap your abundance.

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