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Psalm 55:18

18  He has redeemed my soul in peace from the battle that was against me, for there were many against me.

Today’s Inspiration: Though there is intense fear on all sides, we believers have the assurance that our Lord Jesus will eternally redeem us unharmed from the battle waged against us despite many opponents. This is what David said in Psalm 55:18. When we are afraid we can place our trust and confidence in Him for He is God who is unseen but whom we know will always fights the battle for us. In God we trust, we will never be afraid. Psalm 56:3-4. In God we trust was one of the phrases being used in American dollars as far as I know in the earlier years. For this, God has made them a powerful nation. Today God is no longer a priority as the nation gets prosperous.

There are two sides of humanity- the good Samaritan or the revengeful, scheming, crafty nature of man all out to harm another for their own sake and reputation. This you often seen in real life, in Biblical times and in the tv dramas.

But we are not created to have the evil or prideful nature. We are created to be in His image, to be accountable and responsible to the God of Justice. Genesis 1:27. We are to take Dominion and be fruitful and multiply. V28-31. We are to be faithful stewards of the manifold grace of God, seek Him and commune with Him daily in the spirit, which is the highest function of our being.

When we commune with Him, our thoughts, speech and action will be according to His precepts and principles which is His Divine nature, thereby empowering us for victory, giving rise to a testimony that has great power against the enemy. Once we have established a testimony, we can refute the lies of the devil that were craftily planted by the devil in our mind.

This Dominion makes us a difference from all other creation. Nothing is impossible for us to attain when we have daily consultation with God. The enemy cannot stand the power of our testimony and the voice of God that make us overcomers. Revelation 12:10. God spoke and everything on Earth is created. We are the product of His creation. We are not to fear every slandering, every false accusations as long as we are upright before God for He assures us that He will be with us to the end of the age. Matthew 28:20. When He is with us, no one can be against us. Romans 8:31.

We are hidden at the cleft of His Rock as He shelters us in the shadow of His wings in times of danger, plagues or pestilence. Testimonies are powerful weapons of warfare to unlock the chains of the enemy who have blinded men.

So let your life be a testimony to the Lord. God be praised.

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