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Deuteronomy 28:18

18 Cursed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy land, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.

God is almighty and worthy to be praised. Let us sing God’s praises with thanksgiving. He lifts up the humble. Psa 147:5-6.

Trusting God fully for our life is one of the marks of a disciple. Unfortunately many turned to the world to gain wealth not knowing wealth is bestowed by God and Him alone. Deu 28:18.

Some with wealth turn to covetousness resulting in losses of their wealth at times when economy crashes. How many have suffered this plight and have difficulties living on leading to depression? 

Psa 118:8 says man’s efforts are futile not to have confidence in man but in the Lord. In John 15:5 we can do nothing without Him. 

The Bible is so true about life. We are exhorted again and again to believe in His name and trust in the Lord. His truth stands forever. Psa 117:2. His merciful kindness is great towards us. He provides for you according to the measure of your faith.

Who can we turn to for areas that are impossible to solve except to the Lord? Even when you are on the brink of death He saves you for His word will never return to Him void. Isa 55:11. Pro 9:11 He will multiply your days on earth and years of life will be added at your request. Our God is faithful. Trust Him totally.

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