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John 10:10

10  The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

Today’s Inspiration: Rather than focus on adversaries, let us focus on God and our life mission. We need to acquaint ourselves with God and be at peace with Him so that good will come to us after all Jesus in John 10:10 promised an abundant Life but warned us against the adversaries. Job 22:21. Sometimes we take for granted the promises of God and dare not move forward because of fear of being hurt again. This is self consciousness which we are told to disregard as God’s children. The past must pass away before the new can come. Isaiah 43:18-19. In the presence of God, your adversaries are cut down. V20. I believe strongly that the coronavirus though appear harmless is deadly but only in His presence can they be wiped out. Whilst they come suddenly, they depart suddenly. We need to pray that God will outwit the virus. I am praying that coronavirus will depart by end March. We must rebuke the devil who magnifies this virus to be at its peak in April. So we need to be in His presence all the time. We need to pray that God’s presence be over the Nations and many are convicted of who the Maker is. We should not keep the old ways where wicked men trod as Jesus has set us free. So all wickedness and filthiness of past life must go. V15.

God will always remember His holy promise to you and Abraham His servant. As God has set oppressed free, He is setting us free. In His presence, sickness and problems fade away. It’s time God’s people take on the thoughts of health rather than sickness and problems. Only in His presence can we break free from our problems. Psalm 105:42.

We ought to learn lessons from the Holy scriptures through parables and holy scriptures. It is through application of these lessons do we know how to advance forward with God.

The Holy Spirit resides inside in you, who is the temple of the Holy Spirit and will guide you into all truth. It’s only truth that can set you free. John 8:32.

Though we know coronavirus is to stop men from meddling with His plans, we need to pray for God’s mercy to wipe them out so the Nations will be fruitful again. This coronavirus you noticed are smart and intelligent but we have Spiritual weapons to outwit them and eradicate them. Hence His presence is needed so we can acquire the wisdom of God for physical manifestations of the spirit.

We need to extend His kingdom with God’s grace and mercy without hindrances to the Gospel. Kingdom needs financial support and this we need also to pray that those in the kingdom will prosper so the Gospel could be extended. God’s people should not fear nor be insecure. God be praised.

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