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Proverbs 12:28

28 In the way of righteousness is life: and in the pathway thereof there is no death.

In the pathway of righteousness, there is no death but only life. See Pro 12:28.

God is a provider of life, finances, health and oneness in the family. In Him there is life. The Spirit that dwells inside of you gives life. The indwelling Spirit inside of you means you are covered with the glory of God. So why do you fear? 

Crucify your flesh that is dried. Life in the spirit means life for evermore. We need to understand the key to His provision is a oneness with Him.

Are you sitting under his feet? Like He told Martha He is telling us today that we are worried and troubled about many things. Only one thing is needed and like Mary we must sit under His feet and obey what He speaks to us through His word. Do not be distracted by getting your needs provided or by serving. There is a time to serve and a time to seek God for direction and provision. . Luke 10:40-42. 

We must build a solid foundation in Him so that fear will not invade our heart.

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