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2 Chronicles 32:29

29 Moreover he provided him cities, and possessions of flocks and herds in abundance: for God had given him substance very much.

Giving thanks to God early in the morning is powerful. A message of abundance is coming to you. I have received testimonies yesterday of financial breakthrough. Thanks all for encouraging comments to yesterday’s message. The tangible anointing of yesterday is still flowing to you.. God will abundantly provide for you. 2 Chr 32:29. 

It is important to have tangible anointing at our workplace so that it can usher in waves of His glory to draw in abundant provision. When you hunger for His spiritual inheritance there is abundant provision.  

Esau was more interested to impress his father with his skill but Jacob was favoured by our heavenly Father for his hunger for the heavenly father’s inheritance. Jacob finally received the first born inheritance.            

Spiritual is eternal but natural inheritance is temporal. Hunger for the spiritual inheritance and you receive three generation blessings like Jacob. After receiving the blessings of his father which were double blessings – first the first born inheritance Ge 27.29 then the blessings of his father when he goes on a journey Ge 28.3-4 followed by the heavenly father’s blessings through a dream, Gen 28:12-15. 

His spiritual inheritance from heavenly father caused him such great blessings beyond his comprehension. When heavens opened, these blessings comes to you. Genesis 49:26.

In summary, as soon as the heavenly blessings came upon him, blessings never stopped flowing. The final blessings was an inheritance of Goshen from pharaoh. Gen 47:6.

When you have tangible anointing extreme favour comes to you. Stay tuned to the Holy spirit this morning. Invite Jesus to communion with you, and tangible anointing of His power will be imparted with miracles flowing if you believe. Mark 16:17 and Acts 1:8.

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