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Psalm 86:9

All nations whom You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord, and shall glorify Your name.

Today’s Inspiration: Blessed Resurrection Sunday! All Nations are made by our Lord God. They shall come and worship before Him our Lord and savior and glorify His name. Psalm 86:9. He is merciful and just and is the only One, who rules the sea and can calm the waves. Psalm 89:9.

All authority belongs to Him. We have to account to Him for every word we speak on Earth to each other in the day of judgement for by our words we will be justified and by our words we will be condemned. Matthew 12:36-37. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. V35.

These were the words of Jesus and we should carry them with us from this Resurrection day onwards so that we be careful what we speak. The words we speak from the word of God are spirit and they are life to our spirit, soul and body. Let our words not be words of condemnation of others or for ourselves..

When Ezekiel was asked to prophesy to the dry bones to hear the word of the Lord, that He might breathe life into them and live, they started rattling and came to life. Ezekiel 37:3-6. Even those in the grave will be resurrected to life with the words of the spirit to live. This is again reinforced by the scripture of Apostle John that it is the words of the spirit spoken over our life that grants us life. John 6:63. Our body is lifeless without the spirit breathing life into us..

Our words are carriers of our faith. Without words there will be no creation. Hebrew 11:3 the world was framed by the words of faith of God. Once those words we speak come alive to our spirit, it creates a change inside of us and we started living in the reality of that image..

Whatever you desire, speak words of faith to your spirit to bring life inside of you that creates an image of what you desire like the gentile woman that Jesus spoke to in Mt 15:28 that she will have what she desires..

Therefore whatever you desire, have a continual affirmation and agreement with that desire. Eventually that image will be perfected by the word of God. Instead of sickness you see health. Instead of poverty, you see prosperity beyond your comprehension. Even in crisis, you would see some people prospering and others finding their jobs. This is because our outcome does not lie with us but depends on the will and decision of God in our life for we are formed by Him daily to His image. His image is one of abundance and not lack..

Likewise 2020 is the year of harvest for His kingdom and Satan knew his days are outnumbered and strength weakened, once the global harvest comes in. So he locked down the Nations activities especially the activities of the kingdom. Even those who are not spiritual know it’s the war between the two spiritual forces- God and Satan. So let’s heed Jesus words to watch and pray Matthew 26:38-40 and abide in Him. Who knows present crisis is one of the events that scriptures be fulfilled? V54 God be praised.

Defeat and growing worse than before like the crisis of today must be spoken with faith filled words of God of our hope and glory, that come out of our mouth. What we wish that are embedded in our thoughts will come to a reality. Proverbs 23:7. Our touch, our words and our thoughts of hopefulness will come to us. All things are possible to Him who believes.

What do you believe on this Resurrection Sunday? He who believes in the Son of God has eternal life and He who does not believe in the Son of God shall not see life but the wrath of God abides in Him. John 3:36. Have faith in God this morning. When you pray for what you desire this morning, just believe that you receive them and you will have them. Mk 11:23-24. Giving voice to God’s word brings forth what we hope to receive. God’s words has creative power, so confess them with authority over your life. Psalm 107:19 As we cry to the Lord in our trouble due to wrong choices we have made, He will undoubtedly save us from destruction because of His everlasting love covenant with us.

We serve a good God who desires good for us. Be it health, peace, or wealth, ask of Him today and He will grant whatever you hope for. God be praised.

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