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Psalm 147:3                                                

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. 

Today’s Inspiration: God heals the broken-hearted and heals them of their wounds. Psalm 147:3. Great is our Lord mighty in power and His understanding has no limit. Verse 5.

One reason why scriptures lack life for many believers is that they don’t take time to internalise and personalise the Promises of God they read. Their hearts are not conditioned to hear what the Lord speak to them. Meditation is the key to spiritual renewal of one’s mind and this is why God emphasised so much through David and directly commanded Joshua. Joshua 1:8.

Meditation is a continuous engagement of the mind with God. Hence Apostle Paul emphasised on the renewal of the mind in Romans 12:2 as part of the process by which the word of God penetrates the soul and the spirit with His light of illumination and the power of transformation.

As a believer, our mind must be reprogrammed to think correctly. Meditation brings our mind and soul at rest.

When we meditate on God’s promises that nothing is impossible for Him and that we will receive what we desire in Luke 1:37 and Matthew 15:28 and believe, God’s promises will be a reality. Whatever your mind thinks so be it. Proverbs 23:7.

In meditation, the truth of God, being meditated, moves from speaking out to oneself to the mind that does reflective thinking and finally to the heart. We need to relate the truth of the Bible to our life before the Promises of God can be a reality to our life.

God spoke to Joshua that he will succeed and prosper through meditation. Joshua 1:8-9. Meditation should be our guide to life’s exploits.

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