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Proverbs 20:27

27   The spirit of a man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all the inner depths of his heart.

Today’s Inspiration: The spirit of the man is the lamp of the Lord. Searching all the inner depths of his heart. Proverbs 20:27. May God search our hearts this morning as we enter into mother’s day celebration today with the Lord. I like to extend my thanks to all the leaders, members, my disciples and students who have contributed much towards our celebration of mother’s day in the community. The message was so awesome which everyone need to hear- a mother’s sufferings with the children through thick and thin, a desire of a mother for all the children to serve the Lord fulltime as we fellowship with her and her heart for the mission. She prayed for 20 years for a child to be transformed from alcoholism and today he is now serving God for 15 years as a pastor.

We can establish plans for our children but God has a better plan. No matter how wayward a child, God can turn around as we hear a testimony of God answering the prayers of the parents of a wayward child and how God can use His servants to be a vessel of transformation. Today I cry for all the mothers with wayward children who didn’t want the Lord and to encourage them not to give up hope. There is hope for a tree. Even if the stumps remain it will sprout again. God is your present help in times of need. Psalm 46:1.

Remember the pomegranates have bloomed. Your prayer will bear fruit if you don’t give up. May you be the proverbs 31 woman in your home. God remembers all of your tears and in His time He will make all things beautiful. He has a time for everything. Believe that your time has come.

Blessed Mothers’ day. Remember spiritual success surpasses academic and worldly success for Jesus is coming soon.

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