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Malachi 1:9  

9  “But now entreat God’s favor, that He may be gracious to us.While this is being done by your hands, will He accept you favorably?” says the Lord of hosts.

Today’s Inspiration: Malachi 1:2-3 God says Jacob I loved but Esau I hate. Does it mean He is being partial? No, it’s the attitude that God is particular about. When you come to God with an offering, what is your attitude? If our attitude is not right, whatever we do will not be successful. Even no matter how many times you rebuild, He will tear it down. Verse 4. Perhaps you like to reflect your attitude before God as you entreat His favour. Verse 9.

To be gracious towards someone is to have compassion on someone and to bestow favour in times of need. Our attitude must be marked with compassion, generosity and kindness. God is very merciful by His own choice. But when one is suffering, we should have compassion and refrain from wounding his or her further. This was the cry of Job to his friends Job 19:21.

Thoughts are powerful. God desires we grow in the revelational knowledge of Him. Moses, in asking for God’s glory desires for an intimate knowledge of Him. Exodus 33:18. He has received God’s promises, seen God’s power, guaranteed God’s presence in verse 14 and know God’s character in Exodus 34.6 and 7 but Moses wanted God’s Person the only reality that will have an everlasting fulfilment and satisfaction. God fulfils His desire and even though He hid Moses at the cleft of the rock, Moses did not receive only divine glow but enraptured by the fullness of His person. Exodus 33.19-22. People could not see his face hereafter. So whenever he speaks to them he has to be covered by a veil.

What is your attitude towards God? How much do you hunger after Him? Our value is measured by our attitude. A good attitude attracts success.

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