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Jeremiah 24:6

For I will set My eyes on them for good, and I will bring them back to this land; I will build them and not pull them down, and I will plant them and not pluck them up.

Today’s Inspiration: God is awesome and creative. He always meant good for His people and those who are lost and forlorn, He will build them up and not pull down. He will plant and not pluck them out. Jeremiah 24:6. It is necessary for God’s people to know that His ways and thoughts of our present situation today that caused much fear and anxiety among those whose faith are shaken, are not our thoughts, neither our ways His ways as Isaiah declared in Isaiah 55:8-9.

I am inspired today by the Lord to implore you to meditate on Jeremiah 24:3-7 the conversation between the Lord and Jeremiah. God always loved provoking us with a question when reading His word.

What do you think these verses are speaking to you? Is it God calling you back to His bosom and bringing you back to your first call when you first turn your heart to Him and each day you long to hear His voice and passing on His message to the whole world?

This is what is happening today when the whole world is locked down. In verse 3 He is telling Jeremiah about the world going into very extreme bad or good. He will only acknowledge those who are good and bring them back to the land to build them up and not to pull down and to plant them and not to pluck them up. God is going to give those, who have turned away, a new heart to know Him so that they return to Him with their whole heart. V6-7.

There are many who know God but do not get deep into the spirit to discern God’s heart. They don’t spend enough time to hear from God personally and are not sensitive in the spirit of what God is speaking to them even through others. We have failed to do a reflection on our spiritual life.

God is calling back His people to have a close Communion with Him. Even though many know God, they don’t reverence Him to long for a closer walk with Him. So make full use of this testing time to renew your ties with Him and hear from Him so that you will emerge victorious when this pit timing is over.

God is dealing with His people on their spiritual pride and for some their religious spirit. He wants a heart after Him. V8-9 For the bad figs He told Jeremiah that He is going to deliver them to trouble into all the kingdom of the Earth for their harm to be a reproach, a byword and a curse in all the places where He drives them. V10 He will send the sword, the famine, and the pestilence till they are consumed. As I read this verse, I felt the awesomeness of God around me as I prayed in fear and trembling for the Nations and pleaded to God for mercy to touch their hearts to turn back to Him that the world may get back into function.

Those who are stubborn at heart will be consumed from the land. How many deaths are in the Nations today? Nations are unable to tackle. No vaccine can arrest covid-19 virus. Only a miraculous intervention of Living water can wash the filth from the Nations.It’s a call now to shepherds to wail and pray as the peaceful dwellings have been cut down because of the fierce anger of the Lord. Jeremiah 26:37.

As I released last year what the Lord spoke in the spirit on the fury of wickedness of the Nations this year, I never envisage this great damage until I meditate on these verses.

It’s again Jesus calling back to His disciples today to watch and pray and discern the times and hear what God is speaking. Has shepherds fail to hear the voice of God? It’s a time God is purging the church. It brings to mind how Jesus drives out merchandising from the Holiness of the synagogue during His time. Has God’s people compromise His message of truth? Are we conforming to His likeness or are we still having the nature of the world? Have we brought God’s teaching to the world or have we brought the world’s teachings to the church? With all teachings online, God’s people have failed to search God’s timely and fresh word to the world from the heart of God. The world is hoping that God can deliver them from this Pandemic. It’s time God’s people dwell deeply in the word and hear what God is speaking to us today. Revival must start from us.

The Canaanite woman, desiring healing of her daughter from Jesus was not perturbed when she was refused help but in her longing and belief of Jesus’healing, was given the wisdom to answer Jesus that she was satisfied even with the crumbs of children’s bread which fall from their masters table when Jesus told her that He came to give Spiritual bread and healing to the Jews. This touched Jesus and healing instantly took place. Matthew 15:26-28.

We need to pray to the Lord a word of wisdom that touched Jesus. Only gift of wisdom can bring forth miraculous power to resolve the Pandemic. May God’s people seek God this morning for a timely word that can touch Nations to set them free in the process. It’s the global salvation purpose that this Pandemic is being allowed. Let us spur each other with a timely word for each other that nourishes our soul. Let the fear of the true and Living God be upon the Nations! Let the spiritual atmosphere of the Nations be changed. It’s a humbling time for all Nations. All shall know the Lord. God be praised!

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