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Luke 11:28

28  But He said, “More than that, blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”

Today’s Inspiration: Blessed are those who hear the word and keep it. Luke 11:28. What you hear and how you hear and speak are important factors in your life. Your future depends on who and what is in your heart.

Though we may have outward fear, we cannot lose heart but takes on God’s inner courage to fight the battle. It’s this inner courage that can cause us to overcome all obstacles in our life. If the Holy Spirit is in you, how can you have defeat? Don’t make agreement with the devil on his deception. To win the battle against the enemy, we must be confident of winning in our mind. No matter how difficult people maybe, or how bad a report you receive, we still can win them once the winning spirit is in the mind. It is God who has the final say to your life.

To have a winning spirit, we need to acquire it in the secret place of the most high like Joshua did in Joshua 1 in which he was encouraged to be strong and courageous and how the battle is to be won. You should never speak words of discouragement or defeat to yourself before you gear yourself for battle. You just need to say hallelujah to everything inside of you and darkness will flee. Fear loses its grip on you. When you sing in the midst of the storm, death is defeated because the king is alive. Amen.

Choose to agree with God’s word by speaking words of life in every area of your life that you will not fall into Satan’s tool of discouragement. Speak life to your sickness and receive your healing. Romans 4:17 spoken in faith brings forth God’s word of accomplishment. God be praised!

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