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Job 8:7                                                

7  Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly. 

Today’s Inspiration: Whatever your fear maybe, God is greater than your fear. Your end will be better than the beginning. Job 8:7. Focus on faith not fear. Only a winner has faith. Whatever you desire will come to you whether good or bad.

It does not matter if you have fallen into the pit filled with mud. With perseverance you can get out of it and grow to be a long desired flower. It is all in His time.

The closer you get the better will be your life. May God open your eyes to see the wonders He is doing for you.

Job was tested for his righteousness but his friends judged him to be a sinful man. The truth came in Job 42 where God revealed that His sovereignty is unquestionable. He was tested for his righteousness. Even as the Lord chastened you severely He will not given you over to death. Psalm 118:8. He makes all things new. Do you believe God can renew your life?

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