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Ephesians 1:18

18  “..the eyes of your [a]understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints…”

Today’s Inspiration: Today people are pursuing God to know what their calling is and the opening of their eyes of understanding of the richest of His glory. Ephesians 1:18. But more important than this, is that God wants us to know the extent of His love for us. We all know that God is love but we cannot stop there. We need to explore what this Love is that surpasses knowledge in Ephesians 3:19. Tell me a person who does not need love or who cannot be touched by love. Even the worst sinner can be touched by God’s love. The Bible is full of profound truths of God’s love that goes beyond comprehension. Even a baby needs mother’s love and caress the day he or she is born. God is love from the very beginning. If it was not so, we would not have the Gospel today. Why did He create men in His image if He doesn’t love mankind? Genesis 1:27. Why there are there so many suicides today? I believe it is lack of love. Parents today bestow gifts on children to show their love for them but what actually they needed is their love and attention. Gifts are secondary. They need to be valued. Our failure to pay emphasis on love is because we give priority to intellect more than valuing them for who they are.

When God spoke to me about the universal church today being one of entertainment and loveless, it astounds me. I started exploring God’s heart on love that can win the world to Christ. Today parents are not nurturing their children appropriately. They measure the intellect of their children with the children of their peers without taking into account their feelings. They tried providing the best of education and developing of skills to keep up to the standard. Sometimes I wonder if their children do it on compulsion or they are doing it voluntarily. I strongly feel the world needs love and we need to teach to our people the subject of God’s heart of love especially to a world who think God hates them for all the misery they go through.

Sometimes it’s not the sermon or the teaching that can touch the hearts of people but be there for those especially in need most, demonstrating His love that makes a difference.

Sometimes what men said if of little importance but an act of love to allow God to gain an entrance into the sinner’s heart that makes a difference. More than a decade ago God made me write an article that will touch young people who are latch key boys hanging on the street. I called the magazine Your Choice a self-enrichment magazine. One young woman picked it up and was touched. It opened the door for me to demonstrate God’s love to her. She thought no one cares nor loves her. She was brought up in a family that insists on grades to gain love of parents which is a wrong way of parenting. It’s for this reason that I wrote a reparenting program to change people’s mindset of inappropriate nurturing in families that has touched thousands in the Nations.

There is nothing in the world that men prize so much as love. There is no greater truth that Satan wants to block people from knowing the truth than the truth of God’s love.

No mothers who bring their children to the world hate their children no matter how rebellious they maybe. If men have backslided, it does not mean God hates them and ignored them when they were insulted and put to shame by their friends or colleagues or even parents. God’s love cannot be measured by men’s measure of love. There is a vast difference between God’s love and human love. We know God is love but knowing the breadth, length, depth and height of God’s love will enable us to be filled with the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:18.

God’s love is a great ocean. We need to plunge into this ocean before we really can discover the extent of God’s love. God’s love is found in all sixty six books of the Bible. Why did Jesus gave the greatest commandment to love God if it was not to discover the extent of God’s love. He went on to write the second commandment in our heart to show us that our knowledge of God’s love is measured by how much of unconditional love we extend our love to others. Matthew 22:37-39.

To know the extent of God’s love for us is to survey the wonderous cross. What prompted God to sacrifice Christ and what prompted Christ to die for us? It’s all because of sacrificial love, a love that is unconditional. Christ laid down his life for his friends, his enemies, and his murderers and still asked His Father to forgive them and all who do not acknowledge Him. Christ’s love is beyond understanding. Apostle Paul equates God’s love as a love that is inseparable from us. Romans 8:39.

TLet us win people to Christ with God’s love. God be praised.

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