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Job 22:21

21  “Now acquaint yourself with Him, and be at peace; thereby good will come to you..”

Today’s Inspiration: As people of the kingdom, we should not fear what the world fears but to resist the threats of the enemy. We are to submit to God and be at peace with Him so that prosperity will follow us. Job 22:21. To be people of faith, we need to allow God’s word of assurance which are instructions for our life to be impregnated into our hearts to give us the inner courage to trust God fully notwithstanding the circumstances. V22.

It’s only when we set aside and remove Satanic lies against our soul, that we could be restored. Until the Almighty is our gold and choicest silver, we will not delight in the Almighty God and lift up our face. These are keys to God’s answer to our prayers. V27.

Whatever we decide we must act. The whole problem is that what we want to do is only by words. Satan has stopped us from acting by inflicting fear. Prophets have revealed that this is the year of global harvest and God’s fury is on the wicked. Last year God has already prepared me to call the church to pray for Divine health especially for the nations in preparation of what is to come as they are sick relationally, emotionally and spiritually. The devil is subtle and crept in slowly with coronavirus without one realising the hidden threats it has upon the Nations.

However, please be assured that God can easily outwit Satan. He did that at cavalry inflicting fear on the disciples but God turned it to a remarkable revival for 300 years and today millions have the Gospel. This time God wants to bring in the billions to receive the Gospel and Satan comes with the threat of coronavirus. God has assured us again and again that He is God of impossible. Luke 1:37. It’s time that God’s people go on their knees to pray to remove the coronavirus targeting it to be totally wiped out by end March early April. God is not sleeping. He is working behind the scene and in His time He will surprise us with His strategies.

God is always on time. Till the church is ready and equipped to reap the harvest, He is stalling the Nations with fear of the coronavirus. Today God is asking us to prepare ourselves and be ready. If you were to check Biblical history even up to today, God always allowed something to happen to help the Body of Christ to sharpen their arrows to be ready to launch the attack with Him against the enemy of our soul. God will do it again. His strategies are timeless.

Therefore do not fear. Do not be silenced by the darkness looming over the Nations, that is before you. As God’s loving children, we should not depart from the commands of His lips but treasure the words of His mouth more than your daily bread. Job 23:17, 10-12. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4. However we should also do the needful to submit to authorities.

Only God knows what is happening. He views the ends of the Earth and sees everything under heavens. Job 28:23-24. Just fear the Lord, and that is wisdom. Shun evil and that is understanding. Wait upon Him and See the salvation of the Lord. The battle maybe strong but in God’s timing we will overcome. It’s time we strengthen the backbone of the Nations to be upright so that God can break the fangs of the enrmy and snatch the victims from his teeth. Job 29:17. God be praised.

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