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Romans 8:37

37  Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

Today’s Inspiration: It seems as if Satan has outwitted us with present global crisis. Yet God gave us two promises that cannot be removed from us and is summed up in one verse Romans 8:37 that we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us Romans 8:37. Nothing can separate us from the Love of God which is reinforced in V39. Notwithstanding trials and tribulation we still must stand strong. So God’s eternal love in us should make us overcome every barrier in our life as greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world as God’s beloved children. 1 John 4:4.

Love is such an important component to maintain in our Christian Life. Everything is evolved around love. Satan is all out to destroy the love of God in us. He is all out to outwit us by taking the Love of God away from us. He seems to be successful by destroying family relationships, inflicting incurable sickness on us and taking away the good that God has rewarded us with. In order to overcome him, putting on the spiritual fruit of love, obedience, submission, integrity and uprightness and treating rich and poor fairly will win the day. Though circuit breaker shut us at home, it’s improving family relationships as they have to fight a common enemy together. The internet which was hitherto used extensively by the world to deceive the church is flooding the internet with His message of love and salvation.

This is the month where the flowers are budding and blooming. When King Solomon went to the garden of nuts to see if the pomegranates had budded, he saw it has bloomed. Songs 6:11. What God is doing behind the scene is beyond our control. In due time it will be revealed that the circuit breaker is more a blessing to churches than a hindrance by the enemy.

For too long the church is gathering among themselves without reaching out to unsaved, with online we are reaching out a larger audience whilst at the same time fellowship in prayer and worship as a family which have been rare in the last decade. Today daily we are shut up in home for prayer and worship as a family, interacting also with one another to develop a closer relationship and refining of character. It’s edification, exhortation and comforting each other as a family that we can overpower the enemy who eventually have no reason to oppress us but give up. In my counselling session with others, I have found that only the fruit of love could reconcile couples in great distress and disunity.

There is one case where a man in financial distress wanted to divorce his pregnant wife. The devil was at work on destroying Christian home and resorted to destroy the baby in the womb as well when the baby who was due to be born suddenly bridged. When they came for prayer, the Holy Spirit advised them to reconcile and speak to the baby assuring him that all is well and that his parents had reconciled and had enough money to support him. On the next day the baby was back to normal position and ready for delivery. Their decision to take on the fruit of reconciliation, peace and love had outwitted the enemy who finally had to give up and the family was restored. This reinforced Romans 8:37.

To be more than conquerors we have to submit to the will of the spirit who always want us to operate in unity of the spirit which had been stressed again and again in Jesus’ earthly ministry. In order to outwit the enemy, we must crucify our fleshy desires through thankfulness and gratitude to God for His Holy Spirit who gives us nine fruit of the spirit to demolish the strongholds in our life. Jericho must be conquered before we can enter to possess the inheritance God has given us. Joshua was very strategic in battle. Many of us tried to tackle the easy problems first but God wants us to tackle the giant in our life first so that the rest of the battles are easy to overcome. Joshua 6.4.

So let there be love shared among us. Only if we are rooted and grounded with the Love of Christ can we comprehend with the saints the extent of His love which surpasses knowledge that we can be filled with the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:18-19. To Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever amen. V21. God be praised.

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