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Psalm 119:49

49  Remember the word to Your servant, upon which You have caused me to hope.

Today’s Inspiration: God’s word brings hope and life to us. Psalm 119:49. If there are delay in answers, let your heart not be troubled. God’s purpose far exceeds your thoughts. Man want instant solution but God wants to give permanent solution. What God does is always a complete work.

Moses too did not understand why God doesn’t deliver the Israelites immediately after they were released from bondage from Pharaoh. Before one can attain full freedom, we need to be tested on our faithfulness. Abraham did not know why He didn’t give him a child immediately He released a word that He was giving his own child to him. In his understanding, Sarah’s womb is too worn out to bear children. Genesis 15:4, 17:16. This is why he agreed to accede to Sarah’s request to birth Ishmael from Hagar’s womb. Genesis 16:2. Our ways are not always His ways. Isaiah 55:8.

Abraham did not know God’s purpose for the delay. God again sent the angel of the Lord to him in Genesis 18:10, assuring him that at the appointed time, it will be fulfilled and it was so in Genesis 21:4 when Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah 90 years old, which was past child bearing age. This shows some prophecies are not instantly fulfilled. Delays are not denial of fulfillment of which people began to reason always and blame themselves or God for delays. It’s God’s sovereignty and appointed time that matters.

God always has a purpose for delays. It’s for testing our faith and preparing us for righteousness to continue the journey with Him. It’s only when we have forgotten the promise that God started fulfilling His promise. God does not want us to idolise His promises but to walk with Him till the appointed time. There are seasons of preparation for greater exploits. Till we are proven, they will not be fulfilled. Throughout the Bible, God has to walk with His people sometimes for decades in the wilderness before they can be promoted in the spirit.

So don’t give up when there are delays in answering your appeal. God’s plans are always to prosper you not to harm you. Jeremiah 29.11. He wants you to trust Him for greater exploits. Daniel 11:32. God be praised!

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