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Galatians 5:1

Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

Today’s Inspiration: Sometimes the enemy is more fearful than us but we tend to allow fear to capture our soul, rendering ourselves powerless and in a hopeless state like the present situation. We have the truth, have access to it but cannot be free because we keep getting back to our strongholds of fear that paralysed our potential. Yet Galatians 5:1 says that it was for freedom that Christ has set us free. John 8:36 He whom the Son sets free is free indeed.

Today we want to understand God’s interpretation of Grace which had been compromised by churches today. Let’s get back to the truth. God allowed the Israelites to conquer the King of Amorites and also the King of Bashan (Numbers 21:33-38) but for the Moabites, it was not God’s timing yet to conquer Moab because their mission is to cross over River Jordan to conquer Jericho, the strongholds of fear that caused hopelessness. Numbers 33:48. Amorites the inferior tribe had been conquered so why get back to fear and inferiority? We don’t need to fear. It’s the enemy who should fear us.

Yet Balak the enemy of the Israelites saw what the Israelites had done to Amorites and so when they saw the Israelites camped in the plains of Moab they had fear. Numbers 22:3 they were sick with dread because the Israelites was about 2.5 million people coming out from Egypt and fear caused them to make alliances with the Midianites for fear of being wiped out.v4. This is why God always tells us not to fear as our fears are not real. We fear because of negative expectations. This is why Balak the King of Moab had to engage the world’s best sorcerer to curse Israel, thus overlooking God’s covenant with Abraham that whoever cursed them will be cursed. Genesis 12:3.

If you do deep Bible study of Balak and Balaam you will find that grace is freedom to do but they must be governed by God’s law in the ten commandments handed to us by Moses. Christians thought one abortion will do no harm but it’s a sin against the sixth commandment ‘Thou shall not murder’.

It’s the same with adultery. Balak and Balaam knows the truth that when God bless people, they will be blessed and when God cursed they would be cursed. When the Israelites are cursed, they will be defeated. Numbers 22:6. They know about God but don’t have relationship with God so there is no Revelation of the verse to him.

Balaam in verse 20 was told by God to go with the elders of Moab if they called him but only speak the words God speaks not more or less. But Balaam only takes the word Arise and go with them and went with the princes of Moab who were told to lodge at his expense the previous night by him hoping he can negotiate with God. So God’s anger was aroused because he took part of the word only. There was a conditional promise to go. Sometimes we are too rashful. We want to do our will and that is why God was angry with him in v22 and that God spoke through the donkey instead. V28.

What are the principles here in this short conversation? The commandment is to love God, our neighbor as well as ourselves. We normally leave ourselves and neighbor out and compromise by our actions thus not loving God at all. We are also told not to defile God’s temple, which is now in our body. 1 Corinthians 6:19. By his covetousness of gold from Balak, he breached the last commandment thus not loving God by his disobedience. God saves us by grace not to do evil but some Christians are like Balaam having will to go but not bothered to seek God for permission and His will to go. He took first part of God’s word but not second.

How many people under liberty take Christ’s grace of forgiveness for granted. God gives grace but there is also a law to observe.

Sometimes God tests us but we panic and do our own will to flee to a place of safety thereby disobeying God. Instead we should seek God’s will in this plight. Balaam ignores God’s condition of waiting for Balak’s men to call before going. We are giving freedom from the law but we are to function within the law. God’s law supersedes all other laws in our entry to Eternal life.

God has been specific and told him he should not go with them. Instead he should not curse but bless Israel. V12 and so he told Balak he could not do anything. V13. But riches blinded him and he compromised and ignore the conditional promise the minute his covetousness took over. He sought God again who told him arise and go if they called but to speak only what He speaks. There was a conditional promise. The Balak princes were asked to stay overnight by Balaam to wait for his negotiation with God but he asked the princes to leave and he did not go with them. God cannot be bribed with sacrifices. No means no.

God looks at every detail to bless us so we must take heed and study His word. There is more to Balaam story which we shall study in greater detail in future study that speaks more about grace of blessings but not without a price and how Christians’ compromise is likened to Balaam spirit that originates from Cain’s generational sin. Jude 11. Jude says Balaam was greedy for profit and perished in rebellion of Korah. He became righteous under Moses but died by joining the rebellious team. Revelation 2:14. Balaam doctrine is still applicable to endtime who taught Balak to sin.

Two sins were committed – idolatry and adultery. Adultery is worldliness not only sinning himself or herself but causing others to sin. Covetousness is idolatry – going after money as god rather than obeying and worshipping God. He worshipped money instead.

So let’s not take grace for granted that God gives grace for blessing without long suffering and forgetting the law that is governed by the two commandments of love by Jesus. Let’s understand fully the real meaning of God’s grace. It’s good to do reflection on this study for further truths to be revealed. God be praised.

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