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Psalm 59:10

10  My God of mercy shall come to meet me; God shall let me see my desire on my enemies.”

Today’s Inspiration: Our God in His loving kindness will meet me. God will let me look triumphantly upon my foes. Psalm 59:10. God is my stronghold my present help in times of need.

Wherever Jesus goes, He reveals the root cause of the people’s problems and healed them. The root must be axed before the tree can grow healthily again. By chopping the branches and allowing the root to remain will not resolve the issue.

Today’s Inspiration: The afflicted shall eat and be satisfied. Those who seek Him will praise the Lord. May our heart live forever. Psalm 22:26.

There is power in praises. How good it is to give thanks to our Lord. In praises we have victory in Christ Jesus and in Thanksgiving we have breakthrough. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord may the words of my meditation be pleasing to You. You have been the one I trust since I was cast out from my mother’s womb. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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