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Proverbs 22:6

6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Today’s Inspiration: In God’s eyes, family is the most important building block of His Kingdom and this is why He pays so much emphasis on how children should be parented and Apostle Paul has given us rules of Christian household and Holy living in Colossians 3. He divided the ten commandments into two parts – first four is relationship with God. This is followed by fifth commandment to honor parents which is our authority, followed by 5 other commandments how we relate to each other in the society by our behavior. Hence Proverbs 22:6 Train a child the way he should go so that when he grows up he knows how to relate to society.

Every child must be trained the ways God prescribed in His instructions in the scripture so that when he grows up, it he will not walk aimlessly in the broad road that leads to destruction of his soul.

The word ‘train’ does not include only intellectual development but also physical and spiritual nourishment which brings health to the soul that eventually leads to Divine health. 3 John 2. To some degree, all children resist parents’teaching and what they represent. Colossians 3:21. Discipline is not controlling to your ways or you embitter them but the ways of God which is firm,, meaning unwavering principles of God and with love, provoking their thoughts with the word of God like a mirror to their soul.

God’s Divine order is nurturing the first five years by parents intensively, impregnating God’s instructions into their spirit to enable them to carry them throughout their life to be a role model for society. The balance years to adulthood is for external training by teachers whom they will listen attentively. Training in these years intellectually and how to relate to society are essential at this age.

Today the behavior and attitudes of children are far from God’s standard because of lack of nurturing in childhood years especially in infancy, treating them as weaklings rather than to train them how to resolve conflicts, how to build their lives in the word of God, reverence God and how to pray. We have reversed the Divine order by focusing on vocation first rather than family. Today onslaught of corona virus reflects the spiritual condition of the Nations, causing us to get back to basic foundation block of building family relationships. Malachi 4:2 and 4:6 will be the ultimate that God wants for His family.

Correction of children is necessary but it must be done in the right spirit but it must be counterbalanced with lavish affection of acceptance. It’s just like a twig that must be bent gently to it’s rightful shape without breaking it.

This is the year of God’s way of restoring families but He knows His ways are better than ours. Today we are shut up in our homes to unite our families for fear of corona virus. It’s God’s gentle way of disciplining our depraved society. Let’s get back to God’s Divine order for His family. Where there is unity and love, we will operate as one in the spirit. God be praised.

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