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Psalm 31:15 

15  My times are in Your hand; deliver me from the hand of my enemies,
and from those who persecute me.

Today’s Inspiration: Our times are in the hands of the Lord. We cannot hasten His deliverance. When the time is not up, the enemy will stop you at your tracks. Psalm 31:15. You are forgotten like a broken vessel as if you don’t exist because of disobedience to the call. Psalm 31:12.

You don’t have breakthrough despite prayers and you wonder why. You may not be walking in the spirit but in the natural. When you walk in the natural, you are not a spiritual person. As a born again believer you need to desire for the spiritual. You do not look in the natural. God desires truth in the inward part.

Door of opportunity closed because of your anger. God’s blessings are about to pour to your lap but through anger and pride, you reject them so God closed the door and you are still struggling today.

It’s time to humble ourselves before the Lord and allow Him to humble us. Cry out to the Lord and He will heal you. Psalm 30:2. Don’t focus on past glory. Move on to where God wants you to be. It will tarry but in the right time He will pave the way. It is time cry out to Him and He will intervene. Abandon pride, individualism and self pity. God is not using you because of self interests, and you bury your gifts. It is time to reflect before the Lord and let Him reveal who you are through others so that you could repent and move on. Psalm 30:2-6. What you are is evaluated through your character that determines your call. Don’t bury your gifts. Till we are prepared to be His servant we cannot be His disciple. This is what He teaches His disciple.

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