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Psalm 20:1

May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble; may the name of the God of Jacob defend you…

Today’s Inspiration: It should always be in our prayer that God will answer all our prayers and that He remembers all our offerings and accept our burnt sacrifices. Psalm 20:1 and verse 3. Having God’s pleasure is the greatest treasure we can ever receive, which is far better than rubies, silver or gold. Being in His presence should be our greatest pleasure and nothing can compare with the time alone with God listening to His instructions through the soft promptings of the Holy Spirit, something that cannot be ignored.

I was surprised to learn that obedience is a sacrifice and even better than a sacrifice. 1 Samuel 15:22. This has kept me joyful even in times of a critical war against the enemy. I recall in my early days of walking with Christ where He spoke to me that if I want to eat the best of the land, I should adopt obedience to His command as a lifestyle in Isaiah 1:19. I have preached and walked this truth through the ages. Christianity is therefore a walk of faith. If you feel you have no faith, then you are not acting in obedience to His word and this allows the enemy the right to enter your soul. V20 states clearly that these are the words spoken from the mouth of God.

We need to walk by faith but not by sight after all the money does not belong to us. It belongs to God even we ourselves. We are only stewards. If He demands from us, we should not keep it. Giving is an act of worship which Abraham gives generously to God even to the extent of sacrificing Isaac. God sees his heart and attitude and made him father of Nations. As Jesus says, ‘where the heart is there your treasure is’. Matthew 6:21. With this truth impregnated in my spirit all my life, I have never seen God shortchanged me.

He knows my needs even without asking and many a time I am greatly surprised most of the time. Every time I want to bless someone, God gives me even before I give. I am thankful each day for all those who are sensitive to God for my needs. It does not mean that when you retire, you stop giving. That’s not faith. In lack I have given and God has supernaturally blessed the work of my hands and those who labor with me for the extension of His kingdom.

So do not worry about tomorrow. Matthew 6:34. As long as you give to God for kingdom purpose to the work that does not waste God’s resources, you see the hand of God. You cannot proclaim He is the provider when you don’t have faith to give to His work.

God loves to fulfill your desires. Psalm 20:4. You are so valuable to God. Trials are given not because He neglects you or is angry with you. No! He wants your time so that He could speak to you the Revelation of who He is and escalate your faith to trust Him for far greater purpose than what you are doing, think or imagine.

So trust Him this season with all your heart even in your greatest trial and witness the greatest miracle of all time which He is waiting to do for you. God be praised! I believe so I speak and I pray you believe and be a witness for Him. All glory to God for your life!

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