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Psalm 73:4                                       :

4   For there are no pangs in their death, but their strength is firm.

Today’s Inspiration: Sometimes we wonder why other people have no struggle and their bodies are healthy and strong. This is in the thoughts of David too when he wrote Psalm 73:4.

Little do we understand that God is sovereign. The pruning is given to those who are special to Him whom He knows and has appointed to use as a vessel of honour. David tried to understand what was going on in his life with the affliction. Have you ever pondered and reflect before the Lord when things go wrong? David in his desperation, began to realise that he suffered great oppression, and could not understand it until he enters His Holy sanctuary then understood what his final destiny was. Verses 16-17. Whom do you have in heaven besides our sovereign Lord? Whom do you desire on earth besides our Lord? Verse 25.

God will turn our affliction to a glorious one once your spirit is awakened. Whether our prayer meets success or not, we still must praise Him as His disciple for in due time He will intervene for our Good. Romans 8:28. We are saved to be set apart to be holy for His glory. We are to be a light to the Gentiles. Israel failed to be witness for the Lord and the responsibility now fall on the church Isaiah 43:10. We must be different before the world can be filled with awe of our God and longs to be reconciled with Him.

The first mistake we make is to turn prayer into a desire list and when it’s not answered, we are bitter. We accuse Him for being uncaring or distant from us.

Our God never change. Malachi 3:6. His love is everlasting and enduring. Till our refining is over, we have to wait upon Him and admit our need of Him. If He is so merciful to Peter who denied Him 3 times, what can’t He do for you? If He can open the Red Sea, nothing is impossible for Him. Luke 1:37. In desperation, we need to pray like Daniel’s three friends in the midst of threats by the king. The blazing furnace was seven times hotter. Yet God’s words being purified seven times was stronger than the seven fold blazing furnace. How can the fiery furnace match the Word of God that is purified seven times? Look at their faithfulness to Jesus the Word.

If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand O King. But even if he does not, we want you to know, O King that we will not serve your God or worship the image of gold you have set up. ‘ Daniel 3:17-18. God appeared to be not answering their prayer. Yet God is always on time. Finally He came to be their refuge, sheltering them from being burnt and threw the oppressors into the fire. In the process, God showed the king his dominion and Nebuchadnezzar promoted them administrators over the province of Babylon. Daniel 3:25-30. God always pruned us in the light of a bigger picture ahead which we cannot see. God works in ways we cannot see. We do not like the pruning but after the pruning we see His glory in our life.

So do not fear or be dismayed. The Lord is with you and He promised not to leave you till the end of age where He will bring you back with Him in glory. Matthew 28:20. Whom do you wish to serve? God wants to turn your wailing to dancing. So give thanks to Him forever. Psalm 30.11-12.

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