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Jeremiah 35:13                         

13  “Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: ‘Go and tell the men of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, “Will you not receive instruction to [a]obey My words?” says the Lord.

Today’s Inspiration: God gave us His instruction manual to be our guide throughout our life but men choose to conform more to the world’s standards. The men of Judah were rebuked through Jeremiah for not learning lessons and not obeying His words. Jeremiah 35:13. Again and again His sends His prophets to turn them from their wicked ways but they have not paid attention nor taken heed nor obey His words. Verse 15.

God’s word is so powerful that can bring restoration if we obey and destruction if we disobey. King Saul was also rebuked for disobedience 1 Samuel 16:22 and declared this act as rebellion which is like sin of witchcraft. 1 Samuel 15:23.

It is essential for the word of God to be read aloud and penetrated deep into our hearts to give insight and understanding that enables us to receive 3 desires – healing breakthrough, protection and peace. In fact the word of God is a spiritual seed that produces the harvest of our destiny. How you believe is important!

Since the foundation of the world, the word of God has proven to produce results. The words LET THERE BE is so powerful that it produces the results you desire. Jesus also said that it is only your faith that will produce the results you desire. Matthew 15:28. Her daughter was healed from that very hour because of her deep desire of healing and her belief that Jesus could heal. Distance is no problem for Jesus to heal. He heals according to the measure of your faith.

When you speak the word of God, you are actually invoking divine power and authority over your circumstances. The word that speaks penetrates deep into your innermost being. The word exposes your sins even your heart sins and our life is judged by the word and by our response to it.

The word of God is so powerful that when it comes forth, it accomplishes what He pleases and it shall prosper in the things where He sends it. The Word of Jesus is the highest authority in the universe and accomplishes what is sent. Isaiah 55:11.

May the word of God today bring healing to your soul that leads to divine health, wealth and restoration of relationships. Do not allow the enemy to bombard your thoughts with fear, doubt and discouragement or pain. Those are lies of the enemy and hinders your healing. 2 cor 10.5. The battleground is between the ears – your mind. Its time to end the battle and sow Godly thoughts in order to reap the full harvest of what God intends for us to have according to His words. His word is our guiding light in our journey of destiny. Psalm 119:105.

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