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John 15:16 

16  You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you.

Today’s Inspiration: Jesus loved to convey the deepest truths with simple earthly examples. In His last message before His death, He left a compelling message in John 15:16 that we should bear fruit especially fruit that will last. In this season the fruit pomegranates has blossomed. Songs 6:11. Why did God choose pomegranates? It’s a question we need to provoke ourselves to reflect. We should blossom by now? But why does Jesus come to His garden and see you are still in the budding stage?

Ezekiel 19:12. Vine is tantamount to one we are to attach to like a child to a mother (the vine) in the bloodline. As long as we abide to the vine, we will be nourished by the Living water, the Holy spirit, and be fruitful and be filled with many branches.

This is to recapitulate their memory to David’s psalm in Psalm 1:2-3 that as long as we drink from His word by meditating, reflecting and contemplating of the words Jesus speaks to us in the scriptures, we will be like a tree that is planted by the rivers of water that brings fruit in its season. We will be healthy all the year round and our leaves shall not wither. Instead whatever we do prosper. As long as we are in health we prosper all things. Apostle John caught this revelation to exhort us in 3 John 2. When we meditate, we are refreshed, resuscitated and energised.

We the branches are always in God’s heart. He knows the branches are the ones to produce fruit. He lovingly cultivate each one of us so that will bear fruit.

Imagine even at this hour close to his death, Jesus has us in His heart and explained to us in so much detail conveying a message that fruit is what He is looking for in his disciples when they get to heaven. When people see our godly attitudes, behaviour and character, they will turn to Jesus.

The body of Christ is focusing so much on works that they neglect cultivating fruit. Jesus is always watching over our attitudes, behaviour and character. This is what He is looking for. Even at the final hour, He has to leave such important message. This is where we will be judged before the works. What is our attitude towards those we find we cannot love? We must always go back to the second commandment of loving one another. John 15:17. It’s a command to obey otherwise how can we win them over to Christ? Besides being fruitful we must reproduce ourselves so that others will bear fruit. We have been crushing so much buds by our attitude giving them no chance to be reborn or grow let alone cultivate them to bearing fruit. This is something parents and spiritual parents need to reflect. As God did not cast us away, we should pray and ask God how we could be like Him lovingly cultivating them?

Can you imagine the heaviness of the heart of Jesus of leaving the disciples who spent three years with Him day and night? Why did He convey this message just when His disciples’ hopes have been crushed by His imminent departure? Jesus knew the time and place were right to show the disciples a new perspective of life on earth and how they are to see their future from the perspective of heaven. People always consider winning souls as fruit. Jesus gave His commandment to make disciples in Matthew 28:19 and to teach them all that Jesus taught them before ascension. Making disciples and teaching them is to multiply ourselves and to bear fruit is to live Kingdom Life with godly principles. Fruit is therefore about your character, your behaviour and attitude that must be measured according to the standards laid out by God in the scriptures. Winning souls is only the beginning that Jesus says it’s wise but to make them bear fruit is our responsibility and a commandment to us.

Therefore our eternal focus should be to make a disciple-making church that will last.

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