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Matthew 8:17

17 That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.

Is there fear in your heart today? As we grow older, our main concern is divine health. Today God is assuring us that divine health will be our portion and if you are looking for miracles just have faith. It is when you lost all hope of healing that you divert your attention on other things that you receive a miracle. God wants us to focus ob His Son Jesus Christ and not on symptoms and lies of the enemy. 

The lame man at the temple Beautiful begged for money but God used Peter and John to heal him miraculously instead and he started walking when Peter asked him to rise up and walk. He started walking, leaping and praising the Lord. Acts 3: 6-9. 

By healing he could get back to his vocation so that he can be a channel of blessing to the Kingdom. If Peter gave him alms it will only be food for the moment. God’s way for us is not to suffer but have abundant life. John 10.10. We just must not be ignorant of satanic devices but to walk in humility and maintain our healing.  

If you are looking for a miracle, today is the day of healing. This reinforces Jesus’ commission to the Apostles that if you believe signs and wonders will follow and you become a new person altogether. Mark 16.17. God is always desiring to heal us. We just need to believe. Because of the miracle, people began to acknowledge that the One who performs miracles through yielded vessels is the Creator of all things. Verse 24.   

Jesus has taken our infirmities and diseases. Mat 8.17. There is nothing to fear as He elaborated several times in the scriptures one of which is in Isa 41:10, 14. All you have to do is to wait for His timing to heal. Just believe that He can perform signs and wonders for you. Just speak the words of healing and let your lips bear fruit. Mt 8.8.

My prayer to you today is that you will have divine health in the spirit, soul and body that you will prosper in all things. 3 John 2


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