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Romans 7:6

6 But now we have been delivered from the law, having died to what we were held by, so that we should serve in the newness of the Spirit and not in the oldness of the letter.

Today’s Inspiration: Most people don’t realize that the greatest strongholds of our life is the flesh that is hampering our progress and the furtherance of the Gospel of the Kingdom. This is in view that we could not be free from being the debtors of the flesh as we are living in the flesh all the years of our life and to shake free from the flesh requires God’s direction and our willingness to respond and act in obedience. We always forget that we are slaves to those who we obey. Romans 6:16. We need to be slave to righteousness for Holiness.

Now that we are in Christ, we cannot revert to uncleanness and lawlessness again. Romans 6:19. Our flesh must die before we can serve in the newness of the spirit. Romans 7:6. Fleshy nature cannot be cut out. Only the word to convict us can enable the fleshy nature to be removed from us. It’s this fleshy nature that is destroying our life and family. We have to cut it off from our life. To do so, the word needs to be so impregnated into our spirit that cuts us from the world’s thoughts and their words.

Why did God allow us to be humiliated sometimes in the presence of heathens? He has a plan and purpose you cannot see. It’s all about your walk of faith and attitude. He had the Israelites circumcised after crossing River Jordan and not before. Joshua 5:2-4. Have you ever wondered why?

I believe God wants to show His mighty power. His strategy is to let Jericho know that the Israelites are too weak to fight them and so they will be complacent. Joshua 5:8. This is why Joshua was so concerned at conquering Jericho seeking the Lord for directions. V13-15. The flesh must die and be humbled before we can win the battle against the stronghold of Jericho. If we prove ourselves invincible, we will surely lose the battle. This is why God instructed Joshua and his army to go into worship Joshua 6:3-5 to deceive the enemy that they are too weak to fight so they go into worship in complacency.

Behind it all was God’s plan. Israelites could never conquer Jericho without the Lord leading them. Joshua 6:2.

It’s not about us but about the God we serve. It’s not about how spiritual we are that we can win the battle but it’s about Christ the One who is perfect and flawless and know who is leading the battle which is unseen to all. To win people to Christ is to share who Jesus is and allow the Holy Spirit to convict their hearts. We cannot convince them by throwing spiritual truths to condemn but sharing Christ that caused a conviction.

Our purpose is to give life to people leading them to salvation and freedom. Witnessing is not about us but about Him who cut away our flesh to live in the spirit and to a brand new life with Him. Part of the work of circumcision is to get rid of pride- the attention we have on self. We need to make every effort to pull down stronghold of the flesh especially the fleshy nature of anger, strife and impatience. To do so, we must walk in the spirit, do good and live by the spirit and please the Lord and not to have others look at us but to point them to Jesus. God be praised.

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