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Psalm 119:11

11  Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.

Today’s Inspiration: The doctrine of original sin through Adam as taught by Paul in Romans 5 cannot be understood apart from a knowledge of the events recorded in Genesis 3. Reading the Bible gives us breadth but studying the Bible gives us depth. Psalm 119:11 ‘I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.’ The word’hidden’ means to ‘store up’ which King Solomon specified in Proverbs 7:1 and 2:1. By storing scriptures in our heart, it protects our heart from temptation and prepares us for our destiny and helps us to grow Spiritually.

The word of God stored in our heart enables us to grow in our devotion to God and into His image of Godlike character through the practice of His word to godliness. By storing up God’s word, we have more knowledge of God and understanding of His heart.

Meditation of His word is another principle towards godliness. Meditation as used in the Book of Joshua 1:8 means to mutter or to talk to oneself, turning our mind to it’s meaning, the implication and application to our lives. Meditation opens up our understanding of scriptures as we ponder over what we read, engaged our affection and addresses our will and aligns it to His will. Memorisation of scriptures is the first step to meditation.

Meditation does not involve only a quiet time. We take a scripture that speaks to our heart in the morning, analyse them and meditate them all day and all night and speak to ourselves the scriptures which is likened to God speaking to us either to rebuke, exhort, correct or to train in godliness. 2 Timothy 3:16. Walking with God involved Communion with God. His word is absolutely necessary and Central to our Communion with Him. Pleasing God requires to know His will, how He wants us to live, and what He wants us to do. Until we meditate, His word does not store in our heart, neither can we discern His will. For instance as you are contemplating to resign because of politics, Psalm 110:2 will speak to you to tell you to rule in the midst of your enemies. This will be His answer to you. How wonderful is God’s word who truly knows our needs, our thoughts and our heart desires! Psalm 20:4 promises us that He will fulfill our desires.

However one had to be very careful that we don’t take in condemning and abusive words of people and ponder over them and speak to ourselves. These are self-destructive talks that destroy our soul which eventually weakens our body. Self-destructive talks keep coming to us because present offensive events tends to manifest the wounds of our childhood caused by unresolved conflicts with parents and siblings as well as teachers and classmates.

You are the temple of the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 6:19. God dwells in you. He desires to dwell and commune with you. As you develop intimacy with Him, you take on a contrite and humble spirit like David. He longs to dwell with those with humble and contrite spirit to revive their hearts and reveal the secrets of His heart to the humble. He does not desire to contend with men forever for the Spirit would fall before Him and the souls which He had made. Isaiah 57:15. God be praised!

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