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Ezekiel 44:5 

5  And the Lord said to me, “Son of man, mark well, see with your eyes and hear with your ears, all that I say to you concerning all the ordinances of the house of the Lord and all its laws. Mark well who may enter the house and all who go out from the sanctuary.

Today’s Inspiration: How important it is to work out your life with God to be blameless in preparation for Jesus second coming! The Lord today is speaking to us in the words of Ezekiel 44:1-5. Twice the Lord used the words ‘mark well’. First He wants you to hear as well as see in the spirit as you read His laws and commandments. Then analyse who qualifies to enter and come out of His sanctuary. This is something we need to ponder in our daily devotion every morning. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. Matthew 4:4.

Are we convicted by the words we hear from the scriptures or are we still following our old ways of life? Can we see the revelation of His word to personalise it so that our lives can be transformed?

Proverbs 13:3 We are cautioned to guard our mouth for he who guards it preserves his life but he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction.

Jesus taught that a tree is known by its fruit. He called the religious people brood of vipers and rebuke them for not speaking good things of others. Only a good man will speak Good things for out of the abundance of the heart a man speaks. If you are not speaking good of others, Jesus says it comes from an evil heart. Matthew 12:34. Remember we have to be accountable for all our deeds and especially what we speak on earth. Matthew 12:36. For by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned. Verse 37. We are like a tree who is known by the fruit we produce. Verse 33.

Are you producing Good fruit? If not it is time to repent and adopt Jesus instruction of exhortation, edification and comfort. Follow Jesus’ way is the best. He is the way the truth and the life. John 14:6. Unless we follow His ways we can never fulfil the destiny He planned for us. Our eye is the Lamp of our body. If our eye is good, our whole body will not be in darkness. What we are and what we speak is a reflection of our spiritual condition. Where are you now?

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