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Job 17:11            

11 My days are past, My purposes are broken off, Even the thoughts of my heart.

Today’s Inspiration: When everything is not moving our way, we are pondering what went wrong. In your heart, you perceive that all that you have planned, have been shattered so are your heart’s desires. This was the same statement Job said in Job 17:11.

How many of us think this way? It is only normal. Joseph must be wondering too where God’s promises were when the devil entered his brothers’ hearts to eliminate him from the family. David was anointed king but became a refugee. Where is God’s promises? Will they be fulfilled? Yet God said in Isaiah 55:11 His promises will not return to Him void. It will accomplish what it was sent out for.

The journey of accomplishment depends very much on our faith. One of the marks of a disciple is to trust Him even when things don’t go our way. We have to trust Him with all our heart and not judge by what we see nor make decisions by what we hear. Proverbs 3:5-7, Isaiah 11:3.

When your finances are depleted like Job our relatives and friends abandoned us. All those he helped, his maidservants, his wife and everyone even those he loved turned against him. Job 19:13-19. His three friends tried to help but turned out to be judgemental. In times like this, no words could vanquish the trial. Only a touch of God at this time of trial and words of hope matters.

Jesus asked the same question of His Father why He forsook Him when he carried the sins of the world to the cross. Jesus did not revile but forgives his offenders. Why was he able to do that? He was acting on his Father’s will to redeem mankind. Its like what Job utters in verse 25. I know that my Redeemer lives and that in the end he will stand upon the earth. God turned my trial of my greatest tragedy to my greatest strength. It’s the expectation of Good things to come that you can be set free from your trial knowing that you serve a great God who knows your great needs and will intervene finally with His award of double honour. Matthew 6:8.

When we want to draw close to God we need to be purified and refined in the fiery furnace before we can see our greatest triumphs. Malachi 3:2-3. Promotion comes after the greatest trial like Daniel’s three friends.

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