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Ecclesiastes 7:20-21

20  For there is not a just man on earth who does good and does not sin.

21  Also do not take to heart everything people say, lest you hear your servant cursing you.

Today’s Inspiration: Our life has been predestined by God from the beginning of time. Hence we cannot contend with the Lord Almighty as He is mightier than us and His voice louder than ours like the thunderous tumult or the sound of Waters. What are you hearing this morning? Ecclesiastes 6:10. There is not a just man on Earth who does good and does not sin. Therefore we should not take to heart the words of bitterness uttered by man. Ecclesiastes 7:20-21. It is more to our detriment to dwell on those words than to come to God to receive freedom from false accusations. King Solomon realised his folly at the end of his life and warned against those whose heart is all filled with snares and nets and whose hands are fetters. Only sinners will be trapped but he who pleases God will escape from these landmines. V26. How many have been been ensnared today? The days are getting evil but with God, we have stability of times.

Life is so meaningless at times yet for all the trials we faced, God has a plan and provided a way for us to overcome in His time as you can see from the stories of biblical heroes in the scriptures. God never forsake His servant.

Only God has the solution to all our trials. It’s in His sovereignty to deliver. We are all in the hands of the Potter and can’t question the state of affairs but to totally surrender all the dealings to God to let Him accomplish His will for our lives. Isaiah 29:16. In times like this, we must also seek after His heart. It’s our glory to seek and it’s God’s glory to hide. So if you are in trial, keep seeking after His heart for Him to reveal like Job and other men of God like David, Moses and Joshua did. The Blood of Jesus is enough to deliver us from our captivity.

Place your trial at the incensed altar instead of turning to men for solution as the Lord knows the efforts of men are futile. Psalm 94:11.

We thank God for the Awakening in times of trial that makes us wiser and slows down our pace in tap with His pace. We cannot run ahead of Him nor run behind or we miss the opportunity. The Lord will not cast off His people nor will He forsake His inheritance. Psalm 94:14. God be praised!

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