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Ecclesiastes 3:1

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: 

It was God’s appointed time for David to prepare himself for His calling. David had to send food to the army camp 1 Sam 17.20. He was rebuked by his oldest brother Eliab in verse 27-29.

For every of his victories over wild animals he gave glory to God as he convinced king Saul to allow him to fight against Goliath whom the Israel army feared Goliath was invincible.

How did David kill Goliath? He won by being confident in the Lord. Verse 45.

Secondly he considered that Goliath should not have the courage to defy the army of God. It was not king Saul’s army he was fighting but God’s. This battle is the Lord’s and not Israel’s. God will cause Goliath to fall into Israel’s hands. Verse 46. Thirdly he won by saying he is winning this battle not by the world’s weapons but by the name of the Lord. Verse 45 He used his familiar weapon not advanced weapon and by the name of the Lord. He knew at the name of the Lord the giant must bow. Phi 2:10.  

How confident are you fighting your battle? Are you fighting in your own flesh or by the spirit honouring God by placing him first. Mat 6:33. David told Saul he could not fight the battle with his weapon. Verse 39. The only weapon he knows is the catapault and stone and the name of the Lord.      

This is why Apostle Paul says in 2 Cor 10:5 that our weapons are not carnal but mighty in tearing down Goliath the stronghold, ruler of the Philistines. How powerful are our weapons- Simple and mighty! Yet we fear the enemy more than he fears us.

Its time we make the Lord our confidence like David did. Pro 3:26. Meditate on the story in 1 Sam 17 and receive more insights. Whatever battle you are fighting let the mind of Christ be upon you. If you perceive victory, you will have victory. How powerful is the mind, our thoughts that speak louder than you ever imagine and the words that comes out of our lips!Be angry but do not sin. Psa 4:4.

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