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Matthew 15:28

12 Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.

Jesus carries the weight of the world upon His shoulder. Don’t you think He will carry you through your problems? Be ready to conquer. There is no problem too big He cannot move it. Mat 15:28.

Life is about achieving success to glorify God. Mordecai told Esther God has raised her and brought her to the Kingdom at a time like this Esther 4.14.

Sometimes we don’t know what God is doing when we have to conquer trials after trials. In reality, He was preparing us to be extraordinary. 

We can never understand the mysteries of God. Why is David not installed as king after being anointed? God was testing his faith and pride. Many a time we think we have to work towards our success. In his plight David did not falter. He waited upon the Lord and allow the Lord to lead him one step at a time. He keeps praising the Lord even in pain. He did not depend on knowledge of men but revelations of the Lord for as Apostle Paul says to the Corinthian church that the Kingdom of God is not about observation but by the Spirit’s power. The spirit’s power surpasses our strength. Zec 4:6.     

God drew people to David. He caused the Spirit of the Lord to be upon Amsai, chief of the captains who declared success to David and that he and his men belong to David and they are on his side. He declared that God will help David and his helpers to achieve success. 1 chr 12.18. David accepted him and made him captain of his troops.

Life is about testing and maturing in faith. It is not dependent upon wisdom of men but the sovereignty of God. Will you use your own wisdom to achieve success in whatever you do or achieve it through counsel of God? Many who depend on counsel of man never made it to greatness. He told Joshua to meditate on His word and observe them where he will find wisdom, courage and strength to conquer his enemies. Joshua 1:8-9. He told Nehemiah the God of heaven will give him success and the enemies will have no hand in it. Neh 2:20. He rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem without distraction and achieved success in 52 days. God be praised.

Life is all about trusting Him fully and applying His ways to our good works. Pro 3:5-7. God be praised!

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