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Job 6:13       

13  Is my help not within me? And is success driven from me? her.”

Today’s Inspiration: There are too many suddenlies as you can see the world today. There are times we wonder what is meant by all the trials that suddenly comes to us . Job a purported blameless and upright man even justifies in Chapter 6. He finds himself helpless and wonder if success is driven from him. Job 6:13.

God is always refining His people into a vessel of honour fully trusting Him. Though your beginning may be small yet your later years would increase abundantly as in Job, Jacob, Joseph and many other mighty men of God in the Bible. Job 8:7.

It’s not the present uncertainties we should focus on but the awesome future that is ahead of us that will bring God all the honour and glory. Our life purpose is to pursue God and His destiny for us. 

Trials are stepping stones into the glory of God. It is important to focus our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith. Yes sparks keep flying upward but the greatest comfort I found in all my testing is what is written in 2 Timothy 2:12 where Paul explains that only those who suffer with Christ shall reign with Him. Though the sufferings of Christ abound in us, we must also find solace and comfort in Him. Matthew 11:28-30.

Testing time is a time of resting in the Lord, a time of reflection and a time of seeing God’s remaking of us in the furnace to turn us into a vessel of honour, maturity and dignity. We can only mature and be purified in our submission to what God is doing through our afflictions. It is only through sufferings that at time seemed insupportable, that the character and nature of the Lord are worked out by the Holy spirit in the life of a believer.

Only virtues comes out of intense fire of trials and sufferings like the fruit of meekness, patience, self-control, and full reliance on the Holy spirit for our life. 

You have life when the river flows. Ezekiel 47:9.

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