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Matthew 22:32            

32  ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”

Today’s Inspiration: May today be a day of salvation! Today God reminds us that He is God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob. He is not God of the dead but God of the living. Matthew 22:32. It is important that we work out our salvation and not be cast out of the wedding feast like the man in the parable of the wedding banquet. For many are invited but few are chosen. Matthew 22:11-14. Will you be the chosen ones? Have you trim your lamps daily like the five wise virgins who came prepared waiting for our Lord’s coming?

Today being Good Friday, let us allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us the areas we have neglected where the Holy spirit keep reminding us to act and to serve with diligence and joy and not negligently. We have to ask hard questions about our relationship and to live out our forgiveness not only with gratitude and thanksgiving but in continually forgiving.

We have to live as a disciple. We must work out our discipleship and count the cost. Many of us are not discipled. Not to become a disciple is to miss the privilege of knowing and following the Lord Jesus. The life of a disciple may be extremely demanding but it is extremely fulfilling. If you are diligent to serve the world, why not use the same effort to serving in His Kingdom as well?

Your attitude of serving is also important. Let the Holy Spirit search your hearts this morning! The privilege of being a disciple of Jesus Christ is the greatest available to a human being.

This privilege is available freely but not everyone will qualify. Disciples are not required to be talented or rich but they need to be available, teachable, and faithful as well as unconditionally committed to Jesus. Are you building negligently or carefully? The consequences of not being a disciple is more pricely than the cost of discipleship.

A disciple signs away his or her ownership to Jesus. Luke 9:61. Disciples gives authority over their relationships, and their resources to Christ. As a disciple, we just have to be used consistently with His mission and direction. It is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me. Hence whatever is mine is totally handed over for His control. Galatians 2:20. No one who puts his hand to the plow and look back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God. Verse 62. God be praised.

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