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Numbers 14:20-21

20   Then the Lord said: “I have pardoned, according to your word;

21    but truly, as I live, all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.”

Today’s Inspiration: It is understandable that when you come face to face with the Giants in the land, fear tend to grip your heart and you are frozen, not knowing the next step to take. But since the ancient of days, it was faith that helped them overcome every obstacle that was beset before them. All it takes is a man of faith to give the assurance. How important it is to believe and trust the Lord our God in whatever trials we go through so that we will see God manifest His glory on Earth as He promised in Numbers 14:20. 

Like the Israelites, no matter how many times God delivered us from our trials, when things go wrong, there seems to be an element of fear in us. It’s time we circumcise out heart to believe God with all our heart as He has always assured us that His presence will be with us. We need to be like Caleb who quieted the people before Moses and assured them they are well able to overcome the Giants. Numbers 13:30. Joshua also gave them the assurance that the Lord is with them and not to fear. Numbers 14:9.

When fear gripped us, we need to reset out mind to faith, remembering all the miracles that God has done for us so far. Until we take a step of faith, we are unable to possess what we have set out to achieve. Faith is about believing that we will succeed in whatever ventures we set out to accomplish. When we look at circumstances, we tend to fear. But if our heart assured us that the Lord is with us and that there is nothing to fear, we will surely conquer. Let us abandon the mind of defeat and reset it to faith in God of heaven who will always grant us success. Nehemiah 2:20. Let us declare that God’s word of success and His presence are deeply rooted in our hearts that nothing can cause us to waver. However, like Nehemiah who instructed his people to arise and build at the same he directed them to watch and pray.

This year 2020 if we are to succeed, we have to navigate in prayer, dealing with the power of darkness that might come to hinder us. Things that we learnt before have to be reapplied and taught to the emerging generation so that we know what we should do together to win the war and claim our spoils.

May your faith arise with each declaration of God’s word. Do not reason but place your full trust in God, Proverbs 3:5, and you will succeed this year 2020. Leave all the years of setbacks behind. Press on towards the goal. Philippians 3:13. God be praised!

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