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Psalm 31:8                        

8   And have not shut me up into the hand of the enemy; You have set my feet in a wide place.

Today’s Inspiration: The Bible was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for our minds to be renewed for the glory of God. It is our guiding light for our path, directing us how to walk and in which direction. He who trusts in the Lord, should rejoice and shout for joy for mercy will surround Him. It’s this mercy that grants us favour to reap divine health and abundance. Psalm 31:8, 10-11. We are to obey to attract a blessing and not be a stubborn mule who has no understanding and need to be harnessed with bit and bridle. Verse 9.

With a renewed mind, the enemy has no hold over us. With a renewed mind, we are changed, fashioned to a new mould and are willing to present ourselves to the Lord as a living sacrifice in holiness. Romans 12:1.

A renewed mind depends on how much we are saturated with God’s word daily. Daily eating His word like Joshua in Joshua 1:8 we come into agreement with His perfect will of prosperity and success. Verse 9. He fashions our hearts individually with His words and considers all the works of pour hands. Psalm 33:15. As we implement what we learn from His word, we come into agreement with His perfect will. As the word penetrates deep into our heart up to the joints and bone marrow, we can easily dethrone our enemy.

So digest the word, gain knowledge and understand who you are in Christ Jesus. With this new identity, you are empowered to defeat the enemy.

Dethrone satan is an individual responsibility as well as the fruit of corporate breakthrough. Once we dethrone the enemy from our personal lives, we can dethrone him from our families, our churches, business and regions. Ephesians 6:12.

We should not live on old revelation but fresh insight and godly instruction. Seek the Lord for new revelations and He will deliver you from all fears and shame. Psalm 34:4. Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing. Verse 10. When you come desperately to God with a contrite spirit, you will be delivered. The Lord hears the righteous cry. Verses 17-18. No matter how much your afflictions are, the Lord will deliver them all. He will guard all your bones. Not one will be broken. Verses 19-20. The Lord redeems your soul and those who trust in the Lord will not be condemned. Verse 12.

When your mind is full of God’s word, you are assured of healing and have no lack.

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