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Psalm 22:28

28 For the kingdom is the Lord’s, and He rules over the nations.

Today’s Inspiration; The Kingdom is the Lord’s and He will rule over all Nations. Psalm 22:28. This truth that is written will prevail and will be fulfilled. In this time of uncertainty, we need to seek the face of God for the mysteries behind the servere global trial of all times and how He is to demonstrate His glory.

Whilst the focus of the world is to find a vaccine to kill the coronavirus, our call as disciple of Jesus Christ knows that the most perfect vaccine is the implanted word of God in our spirit and the blood of Jesus that ignites our faith to trust in the world’s greatest Healer who loved and died for us and whose fountain of blood purifies our soul to change our DNA to grant us Divine health to evict the virus that tries to invade our body. It is only through our shield of faith in the Living God who loved and cared for us that we can overcome all trials. Behind every trial is an opportunity. We need a breakthrough at this time which no man can bring without being ordained by God.

One of the characteristics of God is that He is the breaker and He desires us to confront and break through enemies’ camp. Micah 2:13. To break through is to force your way through till something happens. We must pray for God’s covenant plan of protection.

The enemy always create a backslash against us but God must raise a standard against him. Our covenant with God is always all out to outwit the enemy Psalm 89:3-4. God will beat down our foes on the face of this Earth and the power of plagues, viruses and those who hate him. V20-23. As it is written so shall it be established. God be praised.

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